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Founded in 2006 and located at the heart of Asian markets; Shenzhen, China. Sharp Bright  is an Agency with all in one service provider focusing mainly on Global Trade, Consultancy, Purchasing, Order Management, Logistics and Finance. Armed with great ambition, professionalism and trust we are committed to the success of our clients.

Since our foundation we have established an excellent business relationship with a vast number of Suppliers, Manufacturers and Factories in China and beyond.Until now we have completed transactions involving a variety of products such as Industrial Machinery, Construction Materials, Textile, Amusement equipment, High Tech and Electronic equipments, Furniture, Food and Beverage …etc.

Sharp Bright development and rapid Expansion was due to our Excellent Reputation and trusty relationship with Clients and Suppliers alike.With our reliable team, you can always be informed of your investment status, because we are able to:

*Quickly source the needed products & evaluate each factory before order.
*Get the best possible prices for your order.
*Offer solutions to your financial obstacles.
*Supervise your order during and after production.
*Inspect the product and provide you with a detailed report.
*Select the best carrier for your shipment and load the cargo in time;
*Prepare the documents for importation at destination timely.
*Negotiate with manufacturers and suppliers about after-sales services.
About us
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